Maxi-Cosi CabrioFix I-Size


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Maxi-Cosi CabrioFix I-Size

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Maxi Cosi stands at the forefront of the baby gear industry, presenting a diverse array of... more
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Maxi Cosi stands at the forefront of the baby gear industry, presenting a diverse array of offerings tailored to address the demands of parents and their precious little ones. From top-notch Maxi Cosi car seats to innovative stroller solutions, the brand ensures that your baby stays safe and snug while on the move. Crafted with a blend of safety and comfort in mind, Maxi Cosi's car seats provide unparalleled protection, while their strollers boast of being lightweight and effortlessly maneuverable, catering perfectly to the dynamic lifestyle of modern parents. Seamlessly transitioning from car to stroller, Maxi Cosi's travel system simplifies your outings, while their high chair offers a cozy spot for your little one during meal times. Committed to excellence in quality, safety, and convenience, Maxi Cosi emerges as the ultimate choice for discerning parents seeking nothing but the best for their children. Whether in need of a car seat, stroller, travel system, or high chair, Maxi Cosi ensures that your baby remains safe, comfortable, and content throughout their journey.

Image 629901_01.jpg Maxi-Cosi Pebble 360
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Image 629911_01.jpg Maxi-Cosi Leona 2
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Image 3220660325184_02.jpg Maxi-Cosi Beryl
From EUR429.95  
Image FCLAS04_SPX12_GW_B110_BLK_rgb72dpi_01.jpg Look SPX 12 GW
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Image 8051418385526.jpg Crash Baggage Icon
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Image 2751836514.jpg Scott Helmet Cadence PLUS (CE)
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Image 2479580160.jpg Dolomite Shoe 54 High Fg GTX
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Image RIL0010_X_IUM_CARBON_PREMIUM_SK_cmyk300dpi_01.jpg Rossignol X-Ium Carbon Premium Skate
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Image 10157956.jpg Sidi MTB Dust
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Image A23130_A623_Drifter_I_Evo_GV_MM_GraGunMet.jpg Asolo Drifter I Evo GV
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Image 2800_15.jpg Meindl Taiga MFS
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Image 06361001_14_1.jpg The Bridge Vespucci Briefcase
From EUR448.00   EUR640.00  
Image 07413501_14_1.jpg The Bridge Story Vuaggio Travel Bag
From EUR679.00   EUR970.00  
Image 06372101_14_1.jpg The Bridge Story Briefcase
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Image 163050_1.jpg Head Powerrail Brake2
EUR17.50   EUR35.00  
Image LBM2050_SHADOW_120_MV_GW_RGB72DPI_00.jpg Lange Shadow 120 MV
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Image LBM2250_SHADOW_85_W_MV_GW_RGB72DPI_00.jpg Lange Shadow 85 W MV
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Image 722489.jpg Woolpower Turtleneck 400
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Image 4048626515.jpg Scott Cosmos PRO Ski Boot
From EUR314.37   EUR523.95  
Image 68026T.jpg Rohloff Speedhub 500/14 CC DB
From EUR882.57   EUR1,470.95  
Image 2051051_010_f_om_presetWeb.jpg Columbia Men's Landroamer Parka
From EUR70.79   EUR141.57