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Image b090d304d96babf6a8fa4a2098f066ab.jpg Alpina Roca
Alpina Roca
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Image d3a5e03e16b27579cc9b30b1462b62ee.jpg Alpina Rootage
Alpina Rootage
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Alpina Haga LED
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Welcome to Alpina Sports, where the fervor for winter activities intersects with top-tier gear. Alpina stands at the forefront of crafting premium cross-country skiing equipment, including cross-country skis and ski boots renowned for their performance, comfort, and aesthetic appeal. Engineered to cater to the diverse demands of skiers, whether seasoned enthusiasts or novices, our backcountry ski boots and backcountry skis beckon those craving outdoor adventures. Meanwhile, the combi boots offer unparalleled versatility. With a time-honored commitment to quality, Alpina emerges as a reliable companion for all winter sports endeavors. Embrace Alpina and unlock an unparalleled skiing experience!