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Image FW2XPA-100_01.jpg e*thirteen XCX Plus Kassette - Black
e*thirteen XCX Plus Kassette
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Image WH4LPA-113_01.jpg e*thirteen Plus Enduro BOOST
e*thirteen Plus Enduro BOOST
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Image FW2TPA-103_01.jpg e*thirteen TRS Plus Kassette
e*thirteen TRS Plus Kassette
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Image RM3LRA-111_01.jpg e*thirteen EN Race Carbon Rim
e*thirteen EN Race Carbon Rim
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Image FW2URA-113_01.jpg e*thirteen Helix Race Kassette
e*thirteen Helix Race Kassette
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Image WH4LPA-108_01.jpg e*thirteen LG1 DH Plus BOOST
e*thirteen LG1 DH Plus BOOST
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Image WH3LRA-117_01.jpg e*thirteen LG1 DH Race Carbon BOOST
e*thirteen LG1 DH Race Carbon BOOST
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Image RM3LRA-107_01.jpg e*thirteen LG1 EN Race Carbon Rim
e*thirteen LG1 EN Race Carbon Rim
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Image CS4LRA-105_01.jpg e*thirteen LG1Race Carbon Crank
e*thirteen LG1Race Carbon Crank
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Image CS4LRA-113_01.jpg e*thirteen Race Carbon Crank
e*thirteen Race Carbon Crank
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Welcome to ethirteen, the leading brand for high-quality mountain bike components. The ethirteen brand name is synonymous with innovative design, exceptional performance, and durability. Ethirteen is committed to providing customers with the best possible riding experience. A range of products is offered, including the highly sought-after e thirteen cassette. The e13 cassette is a game-changer for mountain bikers. Designed for ultimate performance, the e thirteen 12 speed cassette features a 511% range, making it perfect for steep climbs and fast descents. With helix technology, the e thirteen helix cassette provides the smoothest shifting experience, ensuring maximum control and stability on the trail. At ethirteen, the passion lies in creating products that exceed customers' expectations. Whether a beginner or an experienced rider, the e13 cassette and other mountain bike components will take the riding experience to the next level. Trust ethirteen for all mountain biking needs.