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Image e49dea59930cbf98c988c56b094c05f2.jpg Michelin Pistard 2.0
Michelin Pistard 2.0
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Image 955013da3bc8d0096f22d349cebe5ee3.jpg Michelin Miche XM 12
Michelin Miche XM 12
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Image 14a9c934f5267e825954e9127a8ac2d9.jpg Michelin Pistard
Michelin Pistard
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Image 9cdd051eaddbf25aca39d742e9217fff.jpg Michelin Primato Advanced
Michelin Primato Advanced
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Image d3b7d49431c4bfde6b132e435ac705bd.jpg Michelin Race
Michelin Race
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Image 58b8c6f570d6a4075ecb42ca26697606.jpg Michelin X-Press
Michelin X-Press
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Products from Michelin


Michelin is a leading brand in the bicycle tire industry, known for its high-quality and durable bike tires. Whether you are looking for mtb tires or bicycle tires, Michelin has got you covered. The brand offers a wide range of products to suit different riding styles and terrains. One of the popular product lines from Michelin is the Wild Enduro series, designed for enduro and all-mountain riders. The Wild Enduro 29 is a favorite among riders who want to tackle challenging trails with confidence. Michelin bike tires are made with advanced technologies to deliver superior grip and handling, making your rides safe and enjoyable. Trust Michelin for your next set of tires and experience the difference.