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Image HS_006_1.jpg XDEEP Harness Stealth 2.0 - with weight Pocket but without Wing | S (2x1.5kg)
XDEEP Harness Stealth 2.0
EUR76.19   EUR152.37  
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XDEEP is a renowned name in the diving sector, offering top-notch diving gear renowned for its quality and reliability. Among its sought-after product lines is the XDEEP Zen, celebrated for its exceptional comfort and adaptability, making it a favored choice among divers worldwide. Additionally, XDEEP offers a range of other popular products including the XDEEP Ghost, Sidem, Stealth, and Zeos, each boasting unique features tailored to enhance the diving experience. With an emphasis on innovation and user satisfaction, XDEEP has solidified its position as a trusted brand in the diving community. Notably, the XDEEP Zen stands out for its ergonomic design and customizable fit, ensuring unparalleled comfort. The XDEEP Ghost caters to technical divers with its streamlined build and modular system, while the XDEEP Sidem offers versatility as a side-mount system. Similarly, the XDEEP Stealth provides adjustable buoyancy control in a back-mount configuration, and the XDEEP Zeos offers a lightweight, compact wing system perfect for travel diving. Whether you're a novice or an expert, XDEEP offers products tailored to meet your diving needs, maintaining their reputation for quality and innovation. Dive into your next adventure with XDEEP and discover the difference for yourself.