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Image 406.21000.000_1.jpg STX iWindsurf 250 x 83.6 x 6' RS
STX iWindsurf 250 x 83.6 x 6' RS
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Image 407.70810.000_1.jpg STX PowerKid Rig
STX PowerKid Rig
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Image 406.23000.010_1.jpg STX iSup Cruiser
STX iSup Cruiser
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Image 406.23000.010_1.jpg STX iSup Cruiser Junior
STX iSup Cruiser Junior
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Image 406.23100.010_1.jpg STX iSup Freeride
STX iSup Freeride
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Image 406.23650.000_1.jpg STX iSup Freeride PURE
STX iSup Freeride PURE
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Image 406.22150.000_1.jpg STX iSup Hybrid Cruiser
STX iSup Hybrid Cruiser
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Image 406.22100.000_1.jpg STX iSup Hybrid Freeride
STX iSup Hybrid Freeride
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Image 406.22200.000_1.jpg STX iSup Hybrid Tourer
STX iSup Hybrid Tourer
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Image 406.23205.000_1.jpg STX iSup Race
STX iSup Race
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STX holds a prestigious position within the water sports industry, delivering an extensive array of top-tier products catering to water sports aficionados worldwide. Renowned as a primary supplier of STX Foilboards, STX Foil Wing Boards, STX Foil SUPs, STX Inflatable Foils, and STX Foil Crossovers, our brand ensures customers entrust their water adventures to equipment of unparalleled quality and performance. The STX Foil Board promises an unparalleled aquatic experience, blending durability and agility to accommodate riders of all skill levels. Meanwhile, the STX Foil Wing Board elevates foiling to new heights with its innovative design and advanced functionalities, facilitating effortless gliding over waves. For those craving versatility, the STX Foil SUP amalgamates stability and excitement into a single package. Offering both comfort and portability, the STX Foil Board stands as the optimal choice for foiling enthusiasts on the move. The STX Foil Crossover boasts exceptional adaptability and performance across various conditions, enhanced by its striking design and cutting-edge technology, making it indispensable for thrill-seekers and water sports enthusiasts alike. At STX, our dedication to excellence resonates through our extensive lineup of STX Foil Boards and accompanying accessories. Explore our collection today and embrace the exhilarating experience of foiling like never before with STX.