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Image MegaMat_10_Duo_LW_rubyred_front_7640147769809.jpg EXPED MegaMat Duo 10 LW+ - Ruby Red
EXPED MegaMat Duo 10 LW+ - Experience Ultimate Camping Comfort Introducing the EXPED MegaMat Duo 10 LW+ , the pinnacle of camping comfort designed to redefine your outdoor sleeping experience. Since its inception in 2011, the MegaMat...
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Image MegaMat_Max_Duo_15_LW+_front_7640445452519.jpg EXPED MegaMat Max 15 Duo LW+
EXPED MegaMat Max 15 Duo LW+ - Unmatched Comfort for Two Discover the epitome of outdoor comfort with the EXPED MegaMat Max 15 Duo LW+. Crafted to provide an oasis of relaxation for couples exploring the great outdoors, this double...
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Image MegaMat Auto1_7640277844216.jpg EXPED MegaMat Auto
Exped MegaMat Auto - The Ultimate Comfortable Basecamp Mat The Exped MegaMat Auto is designed to provide unparalleled comfort for your outdoor adventures. This comfortable basecamp mat ensures a restful sleep, whether you're camping in...
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Image MegaMat_Duo_10_M_green_front_7640171993393.jpg EXPED MegaMat Duo 10 M
Exped MegaMat Duo 10 M - Ultimate Comfort for Basecamp Adventures The MegaMat Duo 10 by Exped is the perfect solution for those seeking a comfortable and restful sleep during their outdoor adventures. This MegaMat Duo 10 basecamp mat is...
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Image MegaMat_10_LW_green_front_7640147769786.jpg EXPED MegaMat 10 LW
EXPED MegaMat 10 LW
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Image MegaMat_Max_15_LXW_front_7640445451659.jpg EXPED MegaMat Max 15 LXW
EXPED MegaMat Max 15 LXW is the most comfortable self inflating mattress on the market. Well-trusted by many Sleeping Pad users, the MegaMat Max 15 from EXPED is designed to let you enjoy every night. The MegaMat Max 15 is even 50%...
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Image MegaMat Lite 12 MW_ruby red_mat only_7640171993256.jpg EXPED MegaMat Lite 12 MW
EXPED MegaMat Lite 12 MW
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Image Deepsleep Mat 75 M_7640445451994.jpg EXPED DeepSleep Mat 7.5 M
EXPED DeepSleep Mat 7.5 M
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Image Torrent 45_olive grey_7640171997766.jpg EXPED Torrent 45
EXPED Torrent 45
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Image Pack_Poncho_UL_withoutBackpack_7640277840041_7640277840423_7640277840430.jpg EXPED Pack Poncho UL
EXPED Pack Poncho UL
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EXPED specializes in outdoor equipment, particularly focusing on providing comfortable and top-quality sleeping solutions. Among our standout offerings are the exped megamat, exped megamat duo, and exped sleeping pad. Renowned for its exceptional comfort and durability, the exped megamat 10 is a favorite among our customers, ideal for camping trips of all kinds. Whether you're a seasoned outdoor enthusiast or just embarking on your adventures, our range of exped mattresses ensures you'll enjoy a restful night under the stars, with the support needed for rejuvenating sleep. Trust EXPED to provide you with top-tier gear, enhancing every aspect of your outdoor experiences.