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Image 1209005_5.jpg Avova City Ranger
Avova City Ranger
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Image 1111005_1.jpg Avova Sora-Fix
Avova Sora-Fix
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Image 1105009_1.jpg Avova Sperber-Fix i-Size
Avova Sperber-Fix i-Size
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Image 1110005_1.jpg Avova Sperber-Fix 61
Avova Sperber-Fix 61
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Image 1106009_1.jpg Avova Swan-Fix
Avova Swan-Fix
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Image 1103013_1.jpg Avova Sperling-Fix i-Size
Avova Sperling-Fix i-Size
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Image 1107009_1.jpg Avova Sanderling-Fix
Avova Sanderling-Fix
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Image 1101016_1.jpg Avova Star-Fix
Avova Star-Fix
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Image 1116021_1.jpg Avova Swan-Fix i-Size
Avova Swan-Fix i-Size
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Products from Avova


Avova stands out as a leading name in the stroller industry, offering an extensive array of premium and innovative solutions tailored for parents and their little ones. Distinguished by its commitment to merging elegance, utility, and safety, Avova introduces the Avova Stroller, a dependable and chic companion for daily escapades. Crafted with a sophisticated aesthetic and robust build, the Avova Stroller guarantees a seamless ride for both caregivers and children alike. Boasting unrivaled comfort and functionality, the Avova Stroller emerges as the preferred option for families on the move. Explore the excellence of Avova through our diverse lineup, including the Avova Star Fix, Avova Sperling-Fix, and Avova Sperber Fix i-Size. Each product exemplifies meticulous attention to safety and comfort standards. Avova remains steadfast in its mission to furnish parents with confidence and satisfaction through our offerings. Opt for Avova for your stroller essentials and embrace the assurance and dependability synonymous with our brand. Join the ranks of delighted customers who have elevated Avova to their prime choice in strollers, and witness firsthand the transformative impact Avova brings to your family's adventures.