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Image 14_0200_3P_1.jpg Atomic Aquatics Ai Power Inflator
Atomic Aquatics Ai Power Inflator
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Image 99_1000_LG_1.jpg Atomic Aquatics BC1
Atomic Aquatics BC1
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Image 99_3000_XL_1.jpg Atomic Aquatics BC2 - Black
Atomic Aquatics BC2
EUR899.98   EUR1,799.95  
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Image 05_0051_0P_1.jpg Atomic Aquatics Open Heel Splitfins
Atomic Aquatics Open Heel Splitfins
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Image 14_0001_3P_1.jpg Atomic Aquatics SS1
Atomic Aquatics SS1
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Image 04_0220_00_1.jpg Atomic Aquatics SubFrame ARC
Atomic Aquatics SubFrame ARC
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Image 02_0005_3P_1.jpg Atomic Aquatics Ti2
Atomic Aquatics Ti2
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Image 04_0150_0E_1.jpg Atomic Aquatics Venom
Atomic Aquatics Venom
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Products from Atomic Aquatics

Atomic Aquatics

Atomic Aquatics stands out as a premier brand specializing in cutting-edge scuba diving equipment renowned for its top-tier quality and innovative technology. Among its flagship products are the Atomic Regulator, Atomic B2, Atomic T3, Atomic Split Fins, and Atomic BC2. The Atomic Regulator redefines industry standards, offering unmatched performance and reliability. Similarly, the Atomic B2 excels as a high-performing regulator, ensuring exceptional breathing performance even in the most demanding conditions. With its lightweight design and outstanding durability, the Atomic T3 has earned accolades as an award-winning regulator. Divers seeking superior propulsion and reduced drag favor the Atomic Split Fins. Lastly, the Atomic BC2 sets new benchmarks with its innovative design, providing unparalleled comfort and support. In essence, Atomic Aquatics presents a diverse range of top-notch scuba diving gear, including the Atomic Regulator, Atomic B2, Atomic T3, Atomic Split Fins, and Atomic BC2, designed to elevate the underwater experience for divers of all proficiency levels.