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Image 6426RVS_SLICK_BOX_1.jpg ELVEDES 19 strands slick
ELVEDES 19 strands slick
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Image 081738171.jpg ELVEDES 19 Strands Brake Cable Pear Slick
Elvedes 19 Strands Brake Cable Pear Slick
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Image 081737591.jpg ELVEDES 19 Strands Inner Cable-Brake
Elvedes 19 Strands Inner Cable-Brake
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Image 034800431.jpg ELVEDES 19 Strands Inside Gear Cable Slick
Elvedes 19 Strands Inside Gear Cable Slick
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Image 034800681.jpg ELVEDES 49 Strands Inside Gear Cable
Elvedes 49 Strands Inside Gear Cable
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Image 081752341.jpg ELVEDES Hydro Box
Elvedes Hydro Box
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Image 081737911.jpg ELVEDES 49 Strands Inside Brake Cable
Elvedes 49 Strands Inside Brake Cable
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Image 07320000_1.jpg ELVEDES Service-Kit
Elvedes Service-Kit
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Products from ELVEDES


ELVEDES stands as a distinguished brand, offering premium bike components and accessories. For cyclists seeking unparalleled performance, ELVEDES brake systems provide unmatched stopping power and precision control. In the quest for reliability, ELVEDES offers enduring bottom brackets, engineered for longevity and optimal functionality, ensuring riders can embark with confidence. Explore the Elvedes 19 Strands Inside Gear Cable Slick, a testament to durability and precision, enhancing the riding experience with smooth gear shifts. The Elvedes Twist Fit Tool Kit emerges as an indispensable companion for bike maintenance, facilitating swift installation and removal of various components, thus maintaining peak performance. For heavy-duty demands, the Elvedes 49 Strands Slick gear cable offers robust construction and flexibility, ensuring seamless gear transitions. In summary, ELVEDES remains the epitome of excellence in bike parts and accessories, promising unparalleled performance and reliability. With an array of offerings encompassing brake systems, bottom brackets, gear cables, and tool kits, ELVEDES ensures cyclists have everything required to uphold their bikes' optimal condition.