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Image 71099_300a.jpg Edelrid Boa 9,8mm mit Seilsack Liner - Blue
Edelrid Boa 9,8mm mit Seilsack Liner
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Image 71272_900a.jpg Edelrid Swift Eco Dry 8,9mm
Edelrid Swift Eco Dry 8,9mm
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Image 83211_499a.jpg Edelrid Static Low Stretch 10,5mm - Neon Green
Edelrid Static Low Stretch 10,5mm
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Image 74919_227a.jpg Edelrid Iguazu III
Edelrid Iguazu III
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Image 49253_176_1.jpg Edelrid Men's Eldo Jacket
Edelrid Men's Eldo Jacket
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Image 49259_176_1.jpg Edelrid Women's Eldo Jacket
Edelrid Women's Eldo Jacket
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Image 71057_023a.jpg Edelrid Tower 10,5mm
Edelrid Tower 10,5mm
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Image 71079_300a.jpg Edelrid Boa 9,8mm
Edelrid Boa 9,8mm
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Image 71080_300a.jpg Edelrid Python 10,0mm
Edelrid Python 10,0mm
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Image 71236_329a.jpg Edelrid Apus Pro Dry 7,9mm
Edelrid Apus Pro Dry 7,9mm
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Edelrid stands at the forefront of the climbing and outdoor gear industry, renowned for its trailblazing innovations like the Edelrid Ohm, Edelrid harnesses, and Edelrid ropes. Notably, the Edelrid Ohm is celebrated for its pivotal role in bolstering climbing safety, effectively minimizing weight differentials between belayers and climbers while ensuring controlled braking mechanisms. Crafted with a keen eye for comfort and longevity, Edelrid harnesses prioritize ergonomic design, providing unparalleled support to climbers during their adventures. Meanwhile, the Edelrid ropes have earned acclaim for their durability and top-notch quality, rendering them a trusted choice across various skill levels. For enthusiasts delving into the realm of Ohm climbing, Edelrid offers specialized equipment tailored to foster safer and more gratifying climbing experiences. Additionally, the Edelrid Sendero backpack presents a versatile option, seamlessly combining comfort and functionality for both hikers and adventurers alike. Embark on an exploration of Edelrid's premium gear selection to elevate your climbing and outdoor escapades. Place your confidence in Edelrid's offerings to enrich your forthcoming adventures.