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Image catlike_helm_kilauea_3.jpg Catlike Kilauea
Kilauea Kilauea
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Image 5604415105029_1.jpg Catlike MTB Mixino XC Special Edtion Carbon
MTBMixinoXCSpecialEdtionCarbon MTB Mixino XC Special Edtion Carbon
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Products from Catlike


Catlike stands as a distinguished brand renowned for its top-tier cycling helmets. Within their collection lie sought-after models such as the Catlike Mixino, Catlike Whisper, and Catlike Kilauea. Celebrated for their ingenuity, comfort, and performance, Catlike helmets guarantee unparalleled safeguarding. Engineered with cutting-edge technology and materials, they prioritize rider safety. The Catlike Mixino boasts remarkable aerodynamics and ventilation owing to its sleek, featherweight construction. Opting for streamlined comfort, the Catlike Whisper presents an aerodynamic choice. Meanwhile, the Catlike Kilauea proves resilient against rugged conditions, tailored for demanding terrains. Catlike's dedication to excellence shines through each product, earning the trust of cyclists, whether professionals or enthusiasts, for a secure fit and maximal protection. Leading the cycling sphere with continual enhancements, Catlike invites exploration into the performance and elegance of its helmets. Navigate the website to encounter the iconic Catlike Mixino, Catlike Whisper, and Catlike Kilauea, and become part of the vibrant community entrusting Catlike for their cycling endeavors.