BCA Tracker 4 Rescue Package Set


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T4 Avalanche Rescue Package The T4 Avalanche Rescue package is a smart purchase for those... more

T4 Avalanche Rescue Package

The T4 Avalanche Rescue package is a smart purchase for those looking to gear up for their first backcountry experience, or experienced backcountry travelers wanting to replace their very old outdated equipment. This BCA four-part package comes with BCA‘s industry-leading Tracker 4 avalanche transceiver, BCA‘s extendable B-1 EXT avalanche shovel, and quick deploying Stealth 270 avalanche probe. Bundling the essentials BCA makes it a slam-dunk to gear up for your first trip in the backcountry.

T4 Avalanche Rescue Package -  Includes Tracker 4 avalanche transceiver, Stealth 270 probe, and B-1 EXT shovel

Our high-end rescue package for all backcountry riders. Includes a BCA Tracker 4 avalanche beacon, Stealth 300 probe, and Dozer 1T shovel. If someone has been buried, the BCA Tracker 4 can immediately mark them by pressing the single button and thus search for the next buried person. The BCA Tracker 4 is one of the thinnest triple antenna LVS devices on the market. This means that the BCA Tracker 4 fits both in thin pockets and does not take up much space in your backpack. Lightning-fast signal processing and an even faster direction and distance display ensure that the BCA Tracker 4 can no longer be missing on any tour. If you are looking for a robust and stable avalanche transceiver, you will find everything you need in the BCA Tracker 4. The BCA Tracker 4 offers the same absolutely easy operation of the BCA Tracker 2 as well as a display that shows the data in real time for you and the best part is that the BCA Tracker 4 is a whole 20 percent smaller and even lighter than the already well-known predecessor model. All in all, the BCA Tracker 4 is a must-have in the mountain area to be prepared for the most important in an emergency. Thanks to its 3 antennas, the BCA Tracker 4 is optimally designed for the search of multiple burials. The design of the BCA Tracker 4 avalanche transceiver marks a new industry standard for transceiver durability and ease-of-use for those moments when every second counts. The BCA Tracker 4 also has extra options of suppressing any of the multi-burial signals in any direction or distance. The BCA Tracker 4 also offers the multiple burial lighting, lights will constantly flash to alert you that you are currently only seeing one transceiver signal but there are other signals present in the proximity. During startup, the antenna in the BCA Tracker 4 balance themselves against each other whilst taking into account temperature to make the directional information more accurate.

T4 Avalanche Rescue Package Features:

  • LVS device type: digital device
  • Search range: 55 m
  • Search strip width: 50 m
  • LVS functions: Direction display/distance display/multiple burial display/marker function
  • Power supply: 3 x AAA
  • Number of antennas: 3 antennas
  • Scope of delivery: avalanche beacon/battery/carrying system/B-1 EXT Shovel /Stealth 270 Probe
  • Length: 11.50 cm
  • Thickness: 2.40 cm
  • Width: 7.10 cm
  • Weight per piece: 215 g

BCA Tracker4 Avalanche Transceiver - How it Works

Source: youtube.com/BackcountryAccess

Jeremy Mercier Talks About the Tracker 4

Source: youtube.com/BackcountryAccess

BCA Tracker4 Avalanche Transceiver

Source: youtube.com/BackcountryAccess
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BCA (Backcountry Access): Your Source for Reliable Avalanche Safety Gear. Looking for top-notch... more
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BCA (Backcountry Access): Your Source for Reliable Avalanche Safety Gear. Looking for top-notch avalanche safety gear? Look no further than BCA (Backcountry Access). They specialize in high-quality products designed to keep you safe in the backcountry. One of their flagship products is the Backcountry Access Tracker 3. With advanced features and cutting-edge technology, the Tracker 3 is a must-have for anyonein avalanche-prone areas. For a compact and lightweight option, consider the Backcountry Access Tracker S. It offers convenience without compromising on safety. The Backcountry Access Tracker 2 is a trusted beacon known for its durability and accuracy. Looking for the latest innovation? The Backcountry Access Tracker 4 with improved signal processing is your answer. BCA also offers the Backcountry Access snow shovel, a lightweight and sturdy choice for efficient snow removal. Trust BCA for all your backcountry safety needs. Visit their website and explore their range of products to elevate your backcountry experience.