Dynafit Hoji Free 110


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Dynafit Hoji Free 110 Descent-oriented Free touring boot for pin and frame bindings.... more

Dynafit Hoji Free 110

Descent-oriented Free touring boot for pin and frame bindings.

Product description:
The Hoji Free 110 unisex ski touring boot wins big points for its stability for Free touring and its slim fit. It is also compatible with Tech and Touring frame bindings. This boot features the patented Hoji Lock System that merges the cuff and shell on the inside of the boot into one completely interlocking unit without any play. The unique Grilamid material with fiberglass offers great rigidity at a progressive flex of 110. Thanks to these properties, the Hoji Free is your perfect companion to achieve top power transfer and superb downhill performance on the ski – for fully enjoying the finest champagne powder. With a last width of 102 mm, three micro-adjustable buckles and the Ultra Lock Strap, the foot sits ideally positioned. The ski-walk mechanism is connected by a technically clever cable system that combines the uppermost buckle and the Ultra Lock Strap. With just one hand motion and without the annoying mucking around, you can transition between uphill and downhill. In downhill mode, the Hoji Free 110 locks out at a max forward lean of 11 degrees, offering you a comfortable, yet still athletic and controlled ski position – whether you are pressing, carving or slashing. On the ascent, the V-shaped tongue and the cuff rotation of 55 degrees means maximum freedom of movement, flexibility and comfort. This enables a natural, energy-saving walking motion even on very steep terrain. With its light weight of just 1,550 grams, a few extra meters of vert more or less aren’t an issue since you’ll still have enough strength left to enjoy a well-earned descent. Yet another feature of the Hoji Free 110 is the optional thermo-moldable boot liner, which was developed in partnership with boot-fitting specialist Sidas. It is impressive with its lightness and comfort, and it positions and firmly cradles the foot with precision and security. To make sure you get to your perfect line even over rocks and icy flanks, the Hoji Free 110 comes with the new POMOCA Free sole. That lends grip and an ideal walking stance out of the binding and is also particularly stable and long-lasting. In addition, the boot is compatible with fully automatic crampons to lend even more safety on tour. Equipped with the time-tested Quick Step-In Insert, you are guaranteed great entry comfort in all Tech bindings. This ski touring boot is made in Italy. Hoji Free 110 – Your powder specialist.
  • Boot sole: Formula Pomoca Climb
  • Boot-Binding System: Dynafit Quick-Step-In
  • Closure System: HOJI Lock
  • Cuff rotation: 55 °
  • Flex: 110
  • Forward Lean: 11° + Release for Walking
  • Last Width: 102 mm
Boot Cuff: Grilamid® loaded with glass fibers
Boot Shell: Grilamid®

  • Hoji Lock
  • Quick Step In - The patented Quick-Step-In inserts provide70% easier step-in to Dynafit bindings.
  • SIDAS Liner
  • Ultra Lock Strap
  • Compatible with Touring frame Bindings
  • FLEX INDEX of 110
  • Microregulation for precise adjustment
  • Progressive forward flex
  • Safety lock buckles
  • UNI EN ISO 9523
  • V-shape tongue

Product video:

Source: youtube.com/Dynafit
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