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Image 40811920_MAIN_GrandMesa4_Web_KL2020.jpg Kelty Grand Mesa
Kelty Grand Mesa
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Image 22620516GRD_1.jpg Kelty Trekker 65
Kelty Trekker 65
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Image 37451321_MAIN_WAYPOINTSISLEEPINGPAD_web.jpg Kelty Waypoint SI Sleeping Pad
Kelty Waypoint SI Sleeping Pad
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Kelty stands as a premier name within the outdoor equipment realm, celebrated for its top-tier Kelty backpacks, tents, and sleeping bags, among other offerings. Among these, the Kelty Cosmic Down 20 emerges as a standout, cherished by outdoor enthusiasts for its unparalleled warmth and comfort across diverse weather conditions. Count on Kelty's gear to endure the rigors of even the most demanding outdoor pursuits. The Kelty Cosmic 20 sleeping bag proves ideal for group camping ventures or solitary forays into the wilderness, ensuring a restful night's sleep and a sense of security. Kelty's unwavering dedication to excellence and affordability positions it as the go-to choice for outdoor aficionados worldwide. Whether your plans entail a brief camping escapade or an extended backpacking odyssey, Kelty furnishes the requisite equipment to elevate your outdoor escapades.